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Rust & Dust is a tower defense/twin-stick shooter hybrid with a narrative element.

You have been assigned to oversee automated mining operations on Cahlu XJ57, light-years away from the nearest human. The star system containing Cahlu XJ57 was taken over by Tetravalence Corp years ago, like many planets in this star system (and other star systems),  Cahlu XJ57 contains at its core a carbon-like element, Tetravalium, that produces 10 times more energy when burned than carbon on earth.

Your goal is to get all mines on the planet up and running and hitting their daily targets so you can be transferred to a better star system. But there's a problem: Tetravalence Corp fought a proxy war using drones to claim the system, and the drones that remain on the planet see the mines as a threat. 

Defend your mines from waves of enemies and reach your daily targets to clear each level. You can shoot enemies to destroy them, and they can also be hacked and turned into defensive gun turrets. Each enemy has different abilities in both forms. Hacking requires batteries collected from defeated enemies. Explore each map to activate sub mines, collect different upgrade parts, and find other elements that reveal more of the story.

Rust & Dust is currently in development and due for release early 2021.

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